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Atiu Villas
a chalet at Atiu Villas, Atiu

Atiu Accommodations

Atiu Villas, eight km south of the airstrip, offers five comfortable self-catering chalets, each capable of accommodating four people. There's also a six-bed family unit. These A-frame units are constructed of native materials with beams of coconut-palm trunks and cupboard fronts of hibiscus. In your room's pantry and fridge you'll find almost everything you might wish to consume—except vegetables and bread. You mark what you've used on a stock list and settle up when you leave (normal prices). Otherwise Kura will prepare a huge dinner, sometimes including her famous pavlova (order by 1500). An entertainment evening is staged some Saturday nights in the bar overlooking the grass tennis court. The swimming pool is just great after a day out hiking around the island. Roger will give you a great introduction to Atiu during your drive up from the airport.

A less-expensive place to stay is the Atiu Guesthouse, formerly known as Are Manuiri Guesthouse, in Areora village 200 meters south of ADC/ANZ Store and on the left. This three-room family house has communal cooking and bathing facilities. There's a lounge and verandah. It's run by Juergen Manske-Eimke, who arrived on Atiu in 1986 and runs the local coffee factory. Juergen always provides free coffee for his guests. Andrea Eimke of the Atiu Fiber Arts Studio who decorated the house is usually on hand to greet visitors.

Kopeka Lodge, west of Areora village, has two spacious two-bedroom wooden units with large porches. Backpackers get a discount if they're willing to share their room. You can cook here.

In 2003, Kia Orana Bungalows opened in Areora with six self-catering bungalows.

Taparere Lodge, in a concrete building on the north side of Teenui village, has four self-catering units. It's run by local historian Paiere Mokoroa, who has many stories to tell about Atiu. Also try five-room Uturei Guest House (Tauu Porio) opposite.

Marshall and Jéanne Humphreys run Accommodation Homestay, a four-room bed and breakfast between Areora Village and Takauroa Beach. Spacious common areas and a deck overlooking the garden are at your disposal. The Humphreys know everything there is to know about Atiu and Marshall's island and cave tours are worth taking even if yoyu're not staying at their B&B.