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John Williams Memorial
John Williams preached on this spot in 1823.

Sights of Atiu

Central Atiu

The massive white walls of the CICC church dominate Teenui village in the exact center of the island.

Just south, a road leads east toward Tengatangi village from almost opposite the Atiu Administration Building. On the right just beyond the house behind the tennis court is a stalagmite with twin inscribed stones in front. This marks the spot where John Williams preached in 1823.

Next to the monument is a row of huge stalagmites or stalactites indicating the rectangular site of Teapiripiri Marae.

Farther south on the main road south into Areora village is the picturesque Catholic mission.

Andrea Eimke's Atiu Fiber Arts Studio (closed Sunday), at the north end of Teenui village, makes wall hangings and bedspreads in the tivaevae quilt style, plus women's jackets, dresses, and vests.

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