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Cook Island Bus
The clockwise bus around Rarotonga
at Cooks Corner, Avarua


For information on air and sea services from Rarotonga to other Cook islands go to Travel Facts, Getting Around.

By Road

The Island Bus Passenger Transport Ltd. operates a daily round-the-island bus service. These yellow, 32-seat buses alternate in traveling clockwise and anti-clockwise. The island bus passes St. Luke's Shopping Center on the anti-clockwise trip and the airport terminal when traveling clockwise.

The clockwise buses leave Cooks Corner in Avarua on the hour Monday-Saturday 0700-1600. The anti-clockwise buses leave 25 minutes after the hour weekdays 0825-1630, Saturday 0825-1230. No buses run on Sunday.

The clockwise night bus leaves town on the hour Monday-Thursday 1800-2300, Friday 1800-2200 and 0000-0200, Saturday 1800-2300. There's no anti-clockwise night bus.

Current timetables are usually available at the Visitor Center and are reproduced in What's On in the Cook Islands. A 10-ride ticket which can be shared and a day pass are available. Tourists are the main users of this excellent, privately run service and the drivers make a point of being helpful.

Taxi rates are negotiable, but the service is slightly erratic. Ask the fare before getting in and clarify whether it's per person or for the whole car. Some drivers will drive you the long way around the island to your destination. Beware of prebooking taxis to the airport over the phone, as they often don't turn up, especially at odd hours. Service is generally 0600-2200 only. Hitchhiking is not really accepted here, though possible.

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