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Collecting Sea Urchins
Collecting sea urchins on the reef, Mauke.

Mauke Hotels

The original place to stay on Mauke is Tiare Holiday Cottages, a few hundred meters south of Taunganui Landing. It offers a duplex unit with two single rooms, two larger cottages with double beds, and one deluxe cottage with double beds. All units have their own fridge, but only the deluxe unit has a private bathroom and shower. The other accommodations have shared facilities. There's no hot water. A small discount is offered if you stay more than three nights. A separate communal kitchen and dining area sits in the center of the compound. If you don't wish to cook (extra charge for gas), filling meals are served at reasonable prices, and tea, coffee, and tropical fruit are supplied free. Scooters and bicycles are for rent.

More recently, Ri's Retreat opened near the airport terminal with three self-catering bungalows with toilet and shower (hot water). Bicycles are for rent. The managers have another three beach bungalows on the southeast side of Mauke which they call Ri's Hideaway. Each unit has a private bathroom and cooking facilities. A generator provides electricity 12 hours a day.

Bread is made on the island, and you can buy fresh tuna directly from the fishermen at the landing. The brown insides of sea urchins, collected along the reef, are eaten raw (the egg cases are the most delicious part—the texture of raw liver and a strong taste of the sea).