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Vai Ai, Mitiaro
Vai Ai, a limestone cave in the north of Mitiaro.

Sights of Mitiaro

The small church in the center of the village is quite exquisitely decorated.

From the church a lane leads past a row of dugout canoes to a landing blasted out of the reef that serves as a saltwater swimming pool for the local kids. At low tide many people fish from the edge of the reef with long bamboo poles.

South of the village cut over to the beach when you reach the graveyard and football field. This long stretch of white sand is the best beach nearby and has many shallow pools in the reef where you can lounge while the tide is out.

Walking along the reef at low tide all around Mitiaro is fascinating, and the restless rhythm and flow of the waves beating against the reef at low tide is almost hypnotic. If you're looking for secluded coves, you'll find many around the island.

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